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Last Update  1.1.2 July 12 2019

June 27 2019  Cities Update 1.1

Patch Notes:


1.1.1 July 7 2019


1.1.2 July 12 2019


Explore the endless Vaporspace. A SHMUP inspired by idle games, RPGs and vaporwave. Defeat enemies and bosses in easy relaxing stages or challenge yourself to gain more upgrades and strive for the highest stages!

Level up, Collect Artifacts, Power-ups, and buy upgrades to increase your chances of success.

24 Ships each with different stats, an auto-fire primary attack, and 2 special abiliies. Summon up to 3 helper ships to increase your firepower. Set them to stay in a certain part of the screen or even collect items for you. Friends can also join in as the helper ships as players 2-4.

Randomly generated stages and fast paced gameplay keep the game diverse with several variations of enemies, attacks, and even more for scenery.
Visit rainy skyscrapers, twilight ruins, future utopias, pixel worlds, virtual skies, luxurious libraries, nostalgic simulations, fragmented vistas, abandoned subways, dream galaxies, moonlit glaciers, digital dojos and many more.

- Amazing soundtrack by Doomroar and Stevia Sphere.
- 60 FPS
- Backup save system and Steam Cloud saving.
- 97 Achievements

Future: Help decide what will be added to the game! I want to add more ships, enemies, attack patterns, areas and more.
Possible Future content packs (free updates) - 

Seapunk: Archipelago, Atoll, Hawaii, Underwater, Island
Spooky: Hell, Cave, Dungeon, Catacombs, Hollow
Cities: Seattle, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Seoul, Vancouver
Fantasy: Ramparts, Village, Fortress, Cathedral, Porcelain
Deep Space: Asteroid Belt, Quasar, Black Hole, Tempest, Cosmic
Ships: Kage, Scalar, Sol, Wasp, Antique, Raven, Viper


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